Frequently Asked Questions

The twelve most common questions our customers ask us.

Do you have Bank Instruments for Lease such as Medium Term Notes (MTN) or Bank Guarantees (BG)?


Yes, our provider works directly with many financial institutions which can provide leased bank instruments. When leasing banking instruments (bank guarantees, medium term notes) , the key is having the ability to verify the instrument. Our provider offers the highest degree of transparency of any leased asset company, while providing only the best sources to ensure you get what you paid for.


Can I Lease a Proof of Funds or Lease Bank Instruments and then Use them for a Private Placement Program?


Most your traders will accept your leased bank instrument to enter into a private placement program. Many lease bank instruments and proof of funds to enter into private placement, and then use the proceeds to fund international projects. This is a great way to benefit from bank instrument leasing, since it can provide immediate funding for almost any need.


Do you Offer Trade Programs that Will Accept the Leased Bank Instruments and Proof of Funds You Provide?


Our provider does not offer private placement programs for leased bank instruments. Using leased bank instruments and proof of funds for trading purposes is possible, but it must be handled by leasing and trading professionals to be successful.


How long can I Lease the Proof of Funds, Assets, or Bank Instruments for?


You can lease the proof of funds or lease a bank instrument for a period of 1 year, and then if you choose to extend it, we can renew your leasing contract at the original price. You can renew your leased instruments as many times as you want. You can have an asset assigned for as long as you need it to be.


What is the Largest Leased Proof of Funds Statement and Leased Bank Instrument you can Offer?


Currently, the largest cash proof of funds statement we can offer is 1 Billion USD. Though we can provide higher amounts for leased bank instruments, that amount is sufficient for almost every leased cash account inquiry we have ever encountered. If you are considering bank instrument leasing, we can meet leasing demands up to 50 Billion USD. This can assist you to generate funding from your leased instrument to meet any project’s needs. As you can see, we have leasing power for bank instruments and proof of funds well beyond any of the “competition”.


Can you Lease an SBLC (Stand by Letter of Credit) to My Company?


Yes, the provider can lease an SBLC, or you can lease a bank instrument since they both have the same purpose. Since both bank instruments and SBLC’s are backed by cash, they serve the same purpose to display collateral. By leasing an SBLC, it can give you the opportunity to enhance your credit, profit from investments, gain funding, and more. The SBLC can be used in a number of scenarios for your benefit, and all you need is a small fraction of the face value to lease it.


Can you Provide a Swift MT 760 or MT 799 when Leasing Proof of Funds, Bank Instruments, or Other Assets?


Our provider works with investors and companies which can provide leased proof of funds in many different forms. One available form is the SWIFT MT 760 and MT 799. Typically, people want the leased bank instrument or leased proof of funds blocked in their name, or the name of the trader they are using. They can accomplish this through the use of a SWIFT MT 760, and can use a MT 799 as well for basic bank to bank communications. This allows the client to lease collateral, which may be needed for various types of investments or loans which require sufficient funds.


How do I Show Proof of Funds, and why is it Necessary?


Proof of Funds can be used for many different scenarios, and is necessary to prove financial capability for various transactions. Leasing Proof of Funds is a great option to ensure that you don’t miss out on opportunities which require the proof of money. Also, leased instruments (Leased Bank Guarantees, etc.) can serve as a method of showing Proof of Funds as well. Without sufficient Proof of Funds, you will have next to no chance to engage in large transactions, since the all require proof of high net worth capacity.


Can I Get a Loan Against a Leased Bank Instrument or Leased Proof of Funds?


When you have a leased Bank Instrument (ex. Leased Bank Guarantee) or leased Proof of Funds, you now have proof that you presently own that amount of collateral. If a bank or lending institution was to try to verify that you have sufficient collateral, they would not be able to see it is leased. Since the leased proof of funds or bank instruments are under your name in its’ own account, there is nothing which leads them to believe the funds are leased. At that time, once your proof of funds is verified, you can access the loan as your lending institution had promised to you.


Will Leasing Proof of Funds, Bank Instruments or an SBLC Enhance my Credit?


Leasing Proof of Funds, Bank Instruments, or an SBLC can assist you in proving you have sufficient collateral for a loan or investment. If you are looking for funding or loans, lenders always want to see that you have collateral to back up your need. If you leased an SBLC, Bank Instrument, or Proof of Funds, you could prove you had the collateral, and they would have no way to know it was leased. Once the bank, trader, or lender saw you had sufficient funds, it would be verified and you can proceed with the transaction. This is one of many benefits to leasing Proof of Funds, and other Bank Instruments.


How much does it Cost to Lease Proof of Funds, Lease Bank Instruments, or Lease an SBLC?


Leasing costs for an SBLC, Bank Guarantee, Proof of Funds or Bank Instrument are different. You will find the cost on our list next to each instrument. It is a percentage cost per year. Though we can guarantee you we have the lowest prices, more importantly, it must meet the specifications you desire or it can’t be used. Each client looking for leased instruments or proof of funds has a different scenario in which they will use it.


Do you have a Sample Proof of Funds Letter to Show what a Typical Proof of Funds Looks Like?


If you would like a sample Proof of Funds letter, the provider would be happy to provide that for any new applicants. All you need to do is contact us requesting a sample proof of funds statement, and we will send it to you with the rest of the application material. As you will see, a bank Proof of Funds letter is rather simple, but most importantly, it attests to the funds being in your name and account with full bank responsibility. This allows lenders, traders, and other companies to verify the proof of funds is attached to your name, and no one else. If your bank requires a specific text for the proof of funds, you can send it to us and the provider will verify it to see if he can comply with the request.


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