We work with a technology called DocuSign.  This is an online tool that allows the client to sign our provider's documents, electronically, with the click of a mouse.  This eliminates the need to print, sign, scan and fax or e-mail documents back and forth.  It's all done online, and it creates legal, binding signatures, just as if you signed by hand.

When the provider issues a contract that requires the client’s signature, I will send the client a special link by e-mail.  That link takes the client to an extremely simple step-by-step process.  Once signed, the client can save or print a copy of the signed document as a PDF file.  You as the agent or intermediary will receive a carbon copy of the contract once it has been signed by the client.  Remember to send within the application a valid e-mail address for your client which will be used to send the contract using the Docusign technology.  We use this system because even if it is done electronically it guarantees that the person signing is in fact the client.  For any of you who want additional information click on the name Docusign and you can go to the website for additional information about the technology.


We are trying to use this same service or something similar for the applications.  We have noticed that when we receive the applications they are rarely complete therefore we are looking for a program which prevents the application from being sent unless it is complete.


As you can see we are constantly looking for the best technological solutions to better serve our clients.  If you have any additional suggestions please do not hesitate to let us know.